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Xoom Into the Next Generation Tablet

If you are yawning at the popularity of Apple and like the idea of a tablet, but don’t want to worry about being put on a wait-list to get one, the folks at Motorola have the answer: The Motorola Xoom.  While any tablet coming out after the iPad will immediately be compared to Apple, the Motorola Xoom packs a big punch.

It has a super-powerful dual-core processor and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) which is the Android platform designed specifically for tablets. With its 10.1-inch HD widescreen display, you can enjoy HD video in a thin, light, and powerful tablet.  With Android’s marketplace you have access to thousands of applications to customize your tablet from weather, to sports, to reading to gaming.

Check out the Motorola Xoom for full details.

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