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A Special Thanks, from Our Customers

Our appliance service department was pleased to find out our technicians did a great job on a recent repair visit.  We get numerous calls during the week from customers. Some good, some bad.  We always appreciate customers who take time out in their day to notify the managers that our employees did a great job.

Earlier this week, one family did just that and a little more.  Our service technicians Jerry and Emmett fixed an appliance that had been causing difficulties for the family.  After visit and a little tinkering with the unit, everything was working just fine.  The family was very grateful and their young daughters went ahead and custom made necklaces for the drivers as a “thank you”.

As a family-owned company, we always have a special place in our heart for helping customers as if they are a member of our own family.  Thanks to the girls for the great looking necklaces and we hope everything continues to work wonderfully.

Abt Pleased to Lend a Helping Hand
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