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CES 2011: iPad As An Arcade Entertainment System

I’ve been fighting the desire for an iPad ever since it came out.  I own a laptop and a new iPod so, for me, there is really no reason to get one.  (Even though it does everything I already own 100x better).  I’ve been resisting the temptation for a good while.  Until I saw this…

Yes.  That you see there is an iPad playing the game “Asteroids” in a dock shaped like an arcade system.  Created by ION, the iCADE holds your iPad and it’s corresponding buttons and joystick controls the actions of the game.  iTunes library had a handful of arcade games you can purchase and from there you can just pop it into the above dock for a smaller, nostalgic experience.  If they end up making a model like the one above based on the 1991 Spider-Man Sega Arcade game, an iPad will definitely be mine.

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