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What Is "Sous-Vide"?

Sous Vide at Abt

Do not let the complex sound of the word “sous-vide” scare you off. The French word for “under vacuum,” in the cooking world it means to slow-cook raw food for extended periods of time at low temperatures, but it is nothing like a “slow cooker”.

Simply put, sous-vide cooking employs the use of vacuum sealed plastic pouches, submerged in temperatures below the boiling point (usually between 104°F to 190°F), and kept for over 24 hours. This unique slow-cooking technique is used to marinate and cure foods by using pressure to steep flavors into foods with the vacuum packing process. The sous-vide cooking method cooks food evenly throughout; so boneless chicken breasts are silky; carrots are tender and sweet and retain their bright color; lamb is delivered smoothly textured, and evenly rare and flavorful with a subtle, light taste. Just clamp it on a stock pot or a large container and tough cuts of meat like beef chuck are transformed into meat as tender as a boneless steak cut from the tenderloin of beef.

Cooking with the sous-vide is a fool proof way of cooking, and it’s great for making large meals ahead of time to be stored in the freezer for future use. With the holidays right around the corner there is no better time to buy. Abt currently carries the PolyScience Sous Vide Cooking Kit and other accessories.  For more information, stop by our Gourmet Shop today.

-Donna B. & Simone S.

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