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Archive for March, 2010

Do You Want a Personal Sports Bar at Home?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

This afternoon, Abt’s own Josh D., was on WGN Midday Fix talking about how easy it is to create a sports bar in your home.

Josh explained, “There are several ways to accomplish the ultimate sports viewing experience in your home depending, on your budget. Screen sizes can vary from 19” to over 100” depending on the size of your room, you may find two sets work for you, but for the ultimate sports experience we recommend four.”

Josh goes through set up in including some information on wiring and mounting and some of the equipment that you will need.

To learn more about the system on the WGN segment or inquire about professional installation and programming, be sure to check out

Kelly B.

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Web Customer Service Top Picks

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Web Customer Service Favorite Products

Have you ever called Abt’s toll-free number? Then you have most likely talked with one of Abt’s web customer service specialists. Headed up by Carmen, an Abt employee for 14 years, the web customer service department takes care of both local and out-of-state customers on the phone, over email, and on the internet via web-based live chat.

Get to know web customer service specialists a little better; here are their favorite Abt products:

Christina loves the MacBook Pro. “There are so many cool features like iMovie and Photo Booth. This computer is so easy to use and has a long battery life. It’s even got a sleek design, much better looking than other laptops.”

Neil had a hard time choosing his favorite product. First he thought it was our wide variety of batteries. He said, “Who doesn’t need a battery?” But after much thought, he decided that the Soda Stream starter kit would be the one he liked the most. “How cool is it that you can make your own soft drinks? It’s easy and fun for the whole family. Soda Stream eliminates the need to ever run to the store for soda. It’s less expensive than traditional soft drinks and it’s better for the environment.”

Tamar’s favorite product is the iPod Nano, “I like this item because I have the ability to listen to music as well as take pictures. It gives me the option to eliminate carrying different electronics. I can listen to the radio, too. This unit even tells me the song title and artist that I am listening to. The screens clarity is excellent as well.”

Joanna is a food enthusiast, she told me, “The Cuisinart Electric Sandwich Grill is the perfect product for me. It’s easy, quick, and the outcome is always delectable.”

Kate can’t live without the Dyson DC14ALLFLOOR. “I have a new toddler on the move and it easily moves from carpet to hardwood floors. It is easy to use, picks up everything and makes cleaning it a breeze.”

Joce, the frequent traveler, loves the VHoldR Contour HD, “It’s an awesome camcorder. It is great for my adventurers; I call it the no worries camcorder. Rain or Shine I am covered. Plus, there are additional mounts to fit my needs.”

Traci, the camera lover of the department shoots with the Nikon D 5000. “It’s easy to use, takes great pictures, and awesome video.”

Carmen’s favorite item isn’t a current item on the web site, it’s the iPod Touch 2nd Generation. “I purchased it for my son Andrew, and we both use it all the time. We can toggle through each other’s music and the ease of accessing my email account is a bonus. Luckily, my son doesn’t mind that I use it, and by now I should have purchased my own, but I was procrastinating fearing a new and improved iPod would be released. I’m glad I waited because I am hoping to purchase an Apple with new technology this year.”

Next time you speak with one of the web customer service specialists, you will know a little more about them.

What are your favorite products here at Abt?

-Kelly B.

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Watch the Big Games in Style

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

The NCAA Final Four semi-finals and championship games are around the corner. Is your TV up to par, or is now the time to consider a new one? Abt’s weekly specials section has seven TVs in stock and available for Chicagoland delivery before the big games.

Michigan and Butler tip off at 6:05pm ET Saturday evening (4/3), and West Virginia battles Duke immediately following at 9pm ET. The winners will fight for the NCAA championship on Monday, April 5th—time to be announced.

Abt delivers to Chicagoland customers every day, except Wednesday and Sunday; Indiana and Wisconsin deliveries are Tuesday and Saturday only.

Speak to an Abt sales specialist in-store, on the phone, or on-line via web-based live chat about a new TV for the Super Bowl of college basketball.

-Kelly B.

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Run Windows on a Mac with Parallels 5

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Are you hesitant to get a Mac because you are used to your PC? Parallels might be the solution for you. It is software that can help you transition from a PC to a Mac. Parallels software enables your new Mac to run any program or software made for your PC.

I spoke with Josh D., Apple Guru here at Abt; he is so excited about Parallels software.
Josh asked me, “Have you ever used Windows on a Mac? It’s surprisingly easy to run Windows Quickbooks or even Microsoft Access on a Mac.”

How easy is it? You be the judge!

Watch the video that Josh made using Parallels software, so you can see it in action. He reminded me that it’s not like Apple Boot Camp, in that Parallels actually runs Windows and a Mac simultaneously.

Josh gave me some advice about the new software too, “Select a Mac with a good amount of Ram, I recommend 4GB, but 2GB is ok too. Parallels 5 does a fantastic job porting over your old Mac; install Parallels yourself and transfer your old PC right onto the Mac.”

For more information, speak with an Abt Connect Tech or Apple Product Professional today.

-Kelly B.

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Black out for Earth Hour

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Earth hour is a worldwide event, held annually, to raise awareness about the global need for climate change.

Earth Hour was conceived in 2007, by the World Wide Fund for Nature, aka World Wildlife Fund) and the Sydney Morning Herald. 2.2 million people participated in the first Earth Hour event in Sydney, Australia. All of the participants turned their lights off for one hour.

Going on its fourth year, Earth Hour is still going strong. This year, Earth Hour will be from 8:30 to 9:30pm tomorrow, March 27th.

Abt Electronics is proud to be in the dark along with the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State building and countless other icons and landmarks. 121 countries are participating in this year’s Earth Hour. In Illinois alone, 71 schools, 29 universities, 27 cities, 2 counties, 103 organizations, and 237 businesses are participating, not to mention the thousands of Illinois residents who are pledging to turn off the lights.

Join Abt in turning your lights off.

-Kelly B.

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Hop in to Abt and See the Easter Bunny

Friday, March 26th, 2010

The Easter Bunny is coming to Abt! Visit the Easter Bunny this weekend or next weekend. The bunny will hop into the Abt Atrium March 27th and 28th as well as April 2nd and 3rd from 12 to 4pm.

-Kelly B.

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Congrats to Abt

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Congratulations to Abt on being named one of the Daily Herald Newspaper’s Best-of-the-Best. Businesses in Chicago were nominated by the Daily Herald’s readers and the winners were announced today. Abt won in two categories, Best Electronics Store, and Best Home Entertainment Store. 10,000 reader ballets were submitted in a six week period of time. Thank you Abt customers for making us such a success.

-Kelly B.

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This Phone Does It All

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Check out the eagerly-anticipated HTC HD 2 mobile phone on display at Abt.

It’s different from other phones on the market. It has the largest screen (4.3”), which happens to be extremely high resolution. HTC HD 2 boasts a screaming-fast response time when moving from application to application.

There are endless features on this one-of-a-kind phone. It’s pre-installed with 16GB of memory, two movies, Transformers 1 and 2, the Barnes and Noble eReader, Blockbuster On Demand, and so much more. To top it off, the camera on HD 2 is five megapixels with a dual LED flash; so taking pictures in low-light come out great everytime.

Organization is simple with HTC’s latest efforts. HTC HD 2 runs a Windows operating system and is customizable so users can access important information with ease, not to mention use all of the Windows Mobile applications seamlessly.

HD 2 is available on-line for pre-order.

-Kelly B.

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We Train for You

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Technology is ever changing, so Abt holds training sessions on all the products that we sell. I spoke to Pete R., an Abt sales specialist in charge of setting up manufacturer training sessions, he told me, “It is essential for Abt sales specialists to have the latest product information and stay up-to-date on manufacturer rebates. Product training is the only way to keep current and remain the most knowledgeable sales specialists in the industry.”

To speak with an Abt sales specialists on up-to-date product information, call 888.228.5800 or 847.967.8830, stop by the showroom, or chat online via web-based live chat.

-Kelly B.

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Charge It All with Idapt

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Idapt has a cool line of products, available at Abt. If you are anything like me, you have multiple handheld devices in your home that all need charging, and you have a limited number of free outlets to plug everything into.

Idapt chargers are a great solution for anyone who has multiple devices to charge. The Idapt accessories charger will give you the freedom to charge up to three handheld devices or accessories at the same time. It can charge mobile phones, smartphones, headsets or Bluetooth headphones, GPS units, cameras, game consoles, and batteries. It has interchangeable tips so you can configure the charger for the devices that you want to charge.

Rob, an Apple sales specialist at Abt, thinks this is a great charging station for a nightstand. Your phone is close by and both you and a significant other can charge phones at the same time.

Look for Idapt in the Apple store at Abt.

-Kelly B.

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