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Did You Know? Part 2

Did you know that majority of cell phones have Bluetooth Technology? Kevin R., Abt internet sales specialist tells me, “That’s important in the state of Illinois because it’s illegal to talk on a phone while driving. You can have the phone on speakerphone but that isn’t really isn’t hands free when you’re holding the phone up to your chin.” This is true not only in Illinois, but also as more states begin to implement this law.

He also says, “You can use a Bluetooth capable phone for anything from sending friends funny pictures or the song that’s been stuck in my head all night. My favorite Bluetooth device is the Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HD. I can fist pump in the gym wirelessly and if I get interrupted by a phone call during my set, I can answer the phone and pick up right where I left off. It has a built in microphone so I can answer the calls and catch my breath before I hit the iron again.”

“Bluetooth technology is a great addition to any iPhone, Blackberry, Palm or any other Smartphone you can’t go the day without,” according to Kevin. You can purchase Kevin’s favorite Bluetooth device, or chose from our wide range of Bluetooth devices at Abt or on Abt.com.

-Kelly B.

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9 Responses to “Did You Know? Part 2”

  1. tony1der Says:

    Very informative!

  2. Rex Says:

    I use these, or the non-stereo version, when I take bike rides all the time.

  3. Ryan Mapili Says:

    Kevin has always helped me out when I need something and or wanted something. He makes things a lot easier to understand but more importantly he has helped narrow down my search on my specific needs. The coolest part is that he remembers what I buy and helps me implement everything.

  4. Arthur Supatwanich Says:

    great review on the headset. now i can fist pump hands free! haha

  5. Lori Says:

    I agree, i didnt realize that i had bluetooth in my phone! I think that this product would really help me, especially because i drive so often and feel lost without my phone.

  6. Mary Munez Says:

    I frequently check in on the information from Abt for the most up to date gadgets. I really had no idea about all the capabilities a Bluetooth had to offer. Thanks, Kevin R!

    I never even thought about pictures and music through a Bluetooth. This is why I go through Kevin R. for all my questions. I’m a little tech-illiterate. Kevin R. at Abt is my solution for everything!

    Mary Munez
    6 year Abt customer

  7. Jeronimo Says:

    I didn’t know you can listen to music on your phone via bluetooth! It’s the staff like Kevin R. that keep me coming back to ABT time after time. As usual, thanks for keeping me up to date.

  8. Jovim Says:

    Kevin is definitely knowledgeable and definitely trust his opinion on everything with consumer electornics – but can the build something that looks more simple? All these bluetooth headsets look like you’re form the movie Minority Report – and I’m pretty old school. 😉

  9. Nate Hoops Says:

    Great review on the headset! I’ve been curious about Bluetooth headsets that double as headphones.

    I currently own an Invisio bluetooth headset that is supposed to have headphone capabilities…which it doesn’t seem to have…but even if it did…what kind of dillweed fist pumps with a mono earpiece. “Check out Secret Service gone wild over here.” No thanks. I’m looking for something legit and these Motorola’s have the legit stereo sound AND look! Gonna have to swing by the shop to check these out in person. Thanks for the heads up, Kevin!

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