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Your TV Knows if you are Watching

Sony brought the new BRAVIA line to CES. There are some cool new features Sony is showing off. The new 2010 Bravia line includes the first 3D HDTVs from Sony. They have a new monolithic design and LED backlighting.

The BRAVIAs have built-in WiFi and easily access internet video, BRAVIA internet widgets, and any personal content available through Digital Living Alliance Networks.

The new Sony line of TVs is comprised of 38 models varying in size from 22-60 inches. The LX900 and HX800 series are both 3D HD capable but the 3D transmitter and shutter glasses are sold separately when purchasing the HX series.

One new feature that I think is cool, is the distance feature. Anyone who has kids or kids as guests in their home knows that they love to get too close to the TV. Sony has created a distance feature that notifies the little ones if they are too close to the TV. Sony’s Intelligent Presence Sensor also detects the presence of viewers. If the TV is left on and it can’t detect the presence of a face, it will automatically dim the backlight.

For more information on any Sony TV contact the Sony store in the Abt showroom.

-Kelly B.

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