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Replace Your VCR!!!

Would you like to record your favorite programming on to a DVD? The Toshiba DR570 DVD recorder will give you that ability. You can also record programming from VHS tapes to DVD if you connect to a VCR.

One Touch Recording makes recording your favorite show simple. Just connect your DVD recorder to your cable box, antenna, or satellite box and you are set to record with the push of one button!

DVD recorders don’t require a tape for recording and they are far easier to program than a VCR. Most DVRs can record with just one click of the remote. DVDs are easier to store and preserve than VHS tapes too. So if you have tapes of family events or old movies, connect the DVD recorder to a VCR and you can quickly convert older VHS tapes to DVD.

The Toshiba DR570 is a great last minute gift idea for anyone—especially if you have someone on your list that still uses a VCR.

-Kelly B.

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