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Archive for October, 2009

Halloween Party! Kids Day at Abt

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Halloween Party for Kids at Abt
Stop by our store tomorrow with your kids for a spooktacular time. Many Abt staff members will be dressed in costume. Kids can trick or treat around the store (we supply the candy). We’ll also have hayrides, Halloween themed arts and crafts stations and games. The festivities begin at 12p and end at 4pm. Chicagoland weather calls for rain so stay dry and come by Abt for some safe family fun.
Halloween Party for Kids at Abt
Kids Day
Halloween Party
Saturday, October 31st

– Games
– Trick or Treat
– Hayrides
– Spooky Treats
– Crafts

More details…

Halloween Games:

– Pin the nose on the mummy
– Pumpkin bean bag toss
– Guess the amount of candy corn in the jar
– Witches hat ring toss
– Mummy bowling

Trick or treat around the store: receive your map in the gourmet shop and go around to the different departments and receive your Halloween treats
Free Hayrides outside of the recycling center: 12-4p *parents must accompany children

– Spooky Treats
– Witches knuckles
– Monster toes
– Worm burgers
– Tombstone Cupcakes
– Decorate a pumpkin
– Make a scarecrow
– Decorate a trick or treat bag

– Lydia Y

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Fresh Look For Abt

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Abt floors are paced by hundreds of thousands of feet each year. To keep our carpet looking good, we replace it two to three times annually.

To re-carpet the non-marble floors in the showroom it takes 2600 yards of carpet, 30 installers, 25 Abt employees, and eight and a half hours. Thanks to Lewis Carpet and working through the night, we were ready for our customers when the store opened. The 55 person crew worked from 9:30pm Wednesday until 6am Thursday moving displays, carpeting, and putting the store back together.

The store looks great and the smell of new carpet is in the air.

-Kelly B.


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Abt Made Some Kids Happy at Coles Elementary

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Dean Richards and Abt made Coles Elementary school students, at 8441 S. Phillips Avenue, on the south east side of Chicago, very happy this morning. The school recently built a computer lab for the students—unfortunately, it was missing a printer. Abt stepped right in and donated one to the school.

This morning, WGN’s entertainment reporter and critic, Dean Richards, appeared on the “Around Town” segment of the WGN morning news so that he could visit his elementary school and present them with the printer.

Richards spoke with Coles Elementary’s current principal, Jeffery Dase. He said the school’s emphasis is to prepare students for the many demands that they’ll be faced with in the real world.

Today, Richards will be “Principal for a Day” at the school he attended from Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

-Kelly B.

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A Phone That Really Hears You

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Will Motorola’s new Droid be the future of smart phones? Available for pre-order now, the $199 Droid has some features that other smart phones don’t have.

Voice activated search is the stand-out characteristic this phone has that others don’t. How does it work? By using the voice-activated search, users will be able to say something like grocery store into the phone and it will immediately create a list of grocery stores in the area—with turn-by-turn and spoken directions.

Will the Droid give iPhone a run for its money, according to the executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon, no. The Droid is looked at as more of an alternative to the iPhone—not a replacement.

Motorola boasts a richer web, sharper photos, and a DVD-quality recorder. It’s got the thinnest QWERTY sliding keyboard on the market and super-fast 3G speed for quicker searches.

Will you see the Droid at Abt? Come in or check out our selections of cell phones.

-Kelly B.

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New Feature For PS3

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Monday, Sony announced NetFlix will be available on the PS3 game console starting in November. XBox 360, rival to the PS3, already allowed users to access NetFlix—subscription only for $50 per year.

The PS3 will be able to stream movies and programming from the NetFlix online library at no charge as long as you are a NetFlix subscriber.

Temporarily, users will need to access NetFlix with a special Blu-ray disc, eventually just getting downloadable updates from the internet.

-Kelly B.

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It's Big Business Saving the World

Monday, October 26th, 2009



Abt believes environmental responsibility isn’t just the job of individuals. Abt makes a conscious effort, each day, to make the world a greener place than it was the day before. ABC7 visited Abt on Friday to see how a large corporation can impact the environment in a positive way.  “We’ve put in place a solar panel array on our roofs [and] wind turbines. And we’ve just started selling solar and wind power as well,” said Mark Cook, Abt general manager. Watch the entire ABC7 video.

Along with the energy we are creating and selling, we also have an enormous recycling center for appliances and electronics. We are proud to recycle almost everything that comes from customer homes after delivery and service appointments. The recycling center is open to the public Thursday through Sunday 2pm-7pm. Due to our diligent recycling habits, we have decreased our garbage haul-away cost by $50,000 each year.

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, we try to reduce the negative impact of Styrofoam, a material that takes 20,000 years to biodegrade. “We came up with a machine that actually densifies it 90% smaller, so now it becomes a raw material that can be sold on the marketplace. People make picture frames or plastic woods and it’s not going into the landfills. It’s being used in a new product,” said Taylor.

Even though we are a large business, we keep our carbon footprint small. “We’re going to take care of the trash; we’re going to give you a more energy-efficient piece. We’re going to take care of making you a more environmentally-friendly consumer,” said Cook.


-Kelly B.

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Time Watch Boutique Watch Fair 2009

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

October 24th from 10am – 5pm and October 25th from 11am – 4pm.

Abt’s first watch fair is this weekend! We will have brands like Ball, Gucci, Hamilton, Rado, Oris, Michael Kors, Michele, Swiss Army and Tissot.

This trunk show features watches that are only available for purchase at the fair. Representatives from each of the 12 brands will bring hundreds of select and limited edition timepieces.

Kelly B.

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VHold Lets You Get It All On Film

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

The last time that you took a vacation, was there a time that you wanted to record part of your trip but you couldn’t hold a camcorder? VHold, the leading manufacturer of wearable camcorders, designed a Full HD (1080p) camcorder just for those times. Used by many outdoor adventurists, the Contour will capture all the fun you can handle.

VHold Contour allows users to adjust exposure, contrast, metering, five video selections, and even microphone sensitivity depending on what best suits their needs. The camera takes professional quality HD video from your handlebars, helmet—virtually anywhere. “ContourHD1080p was inspired by the professional user,” says Marc Barros, VholdRs CEO. “It’s still an easy to use Wearable Camcorder, but with Full HD video and adjustable settings, you can capture world-class video with a camcorder you can wear. Its like taking a professional film crew with you wherever you go!”

Put your personal highlight reel on the web and share it with the world. Importing videos from the Contour is simple with Easy Edit software. It is Mac and PC compatible.

The VHold Contour HD 1080p ($329) can go virtually anywhere; at 4.3oz, this water resistant, all-season camcorder is tough and ready to play. Don’t leave it behind on your next adventure.

-Kelly B.

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iMac and Mac Mini are Brand New Again

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009


Apple rolled out the latest versions of iMac and the Mac Mini. There are some standout features on both.

Both the 21.5” and the 27” iMacs are better, more powerful, and faster. They will also have larger LED backlit screens. The 21.5” monitor will be full HD (1080p) and the 27” will be full HD plus have 78% more pixels. iMacs also come standard with IPS technology that enables their display to perform well at all angles.

Abt will stock the Magic Mouse ($69) and the full-size wireless keyboard. The Magic Mouse is an intuitive, wireless mouse that will do more than the average computer mouse. It can scroll horizontally, vertically, and in a full 360°. Along with the scrolling capabilities, the mouse can function differently for the left or right hand, based on a setting. A chief complaint about the previous wireless keyboards was they didn’t have a numeric keyboard. Apple has listened; they made a full-size keyboard with numbers.

Apple created the latest iMac with more storage, more memory, a better graphics processor, a new CPU, and one of the 27” models has a Quad Core Processor. These upgrades give the iMac workstation qualities in a personal computer.

Along with the performance upgrades the environmental benefits of the iMacs and Mac Mini are standout. They are all free of Lead, BFR, Mercury, PVC, and arsenic-free glass.

The Mac Mini will come with a faster processor, twice as much memory, NVIDIA graphics, built-in wireless, added hard drive space, and it’s the most energy efficient desktop on the market. When idle, the Mac Mini uses only 14 watts if energy.

The Mac Mini starts at $599. The 21.5” iMac starts at $1199 and the 27” starts at $1699.

-Kelly B.

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Fighting "Fish"

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Two Green Moray eels reside in the Abt Aquarium. A 10 year-old that minds its business and an eight year-old that’s pretty feisty. It turns out that today was just the culmination of an on-going fight they’ve had for the past six months.


Abt’s own, Joe “Neptune” McCarthy had to dive in and rescue the Eel who instigates the fighting—why? The older, more docile eel finally got revenge for all of the fighting. He bit his eel-nemesis.

The injured eight year-old had to be taken out of the aquarium and placed in a tranquilizer tub, then got moved once again to a hospital tub. For now, there will be peace in the aquarium—at least until the naughty eel returns.

-Kelly B.

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