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After a disappointing start to the season, the Abt Co-Ed Softball team finally did what they do best, WIN. The team that consisted of 18 men and women took first place in the recent Glenview Co-Ed softball tournament. This is an amazing accomplishment considering they started the season 0-5. After a few additions to the roster, the team started to win every game. Co-Ed softball works a little differently than a normal softball game. Girls must occupy the positions of first base, third base, and center field. Girls must also bat every other player. Because of these rules, there had to be an equal number of both guys and girls on the roster.

The variety in the roster showed the versatility in the Abt employees. The roster consisted of 11 customer service members, 2 drivers, 2 service employees, and even one accountant. The captain of the team was from our routing department and our team was managed by the customer service manager. It was a great way for people from all departments to get together every week and partake in a common interest. Throughout the season, everyone’s main goal was to have fun, and winning came second. Some games were tough to watch, but the constant humor kept everyone going. A game was never complete until the captain, Dave Reis, got dirt on his pants. Sometimes, he would even fall on purpose (or so he said) to get messy. This is the second year in a row the co-ed team took the first place trophy. We can’t wait to see what next year brings. – Megan B.

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