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Birthday Fun At Abt

Here at Abt we enjoy putting in a good days work, but we also like to have some fun when we can.  It has become tradition in the internet department to decorate the desk of a person whose birthday it is.  Typically the decorations go way overboard to the point where it is difficult for the person to even enter their cubicle without stretching properly.  We have two examples below. 

First up is Samantha D. (from our web merchandising team) who celebrated her birthday on Friday.  She has a fear of balloons so her friends in the department thought it would be a good idea to surround her with them.  Below that one is Rafael P. (from the web sales team).  Rafael has never been to Mexico, but has always wanted to visit.  His colleagues had him wear that poncho all day on his birthday

by Carl P. 

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