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Those of you who shop on our website may have wondered from time to time just what our store looks like in person. You’ve probably read things about our Atrium, our Apple Store, our Sony Store, the Time Watch Boutique, our huge saltwater aquarium, and other store attractions, but it’s hard to visualize what they actually look like unless you’ve been here.

Abt Virtual Tour

That’s why we’ve put together this Virtual Tour of Abt, which lets you wander around the store as if you were really here. You can click on areas of interest, zoom in for a closer look, and basically take in the whole Abt experience at your own pace. There are convenient navigation tools, a map, and instructions that tell you what the various arrows and other symbols do when you click on them, if you’re unsure. Just click on the photo above, and you’ll be on your way.

Our first virtual tour was posted on our site four years ago, but while looking at it recently, we noticed how much things had changed. So we decided to create this new one, which we hope you enjoy. We also hope to see you in person one of these days.    —by Graham W.

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