Play Your iPod Through a Pig, a Panda, Or a Ghost

There are tons of iPod sound systems available these days, but if you want yours to stand out from the crowd—I mean really stand out—you can’t do much better than the line of iPod speaker systems from Speakal. The iPig, which is the company’s flagship model, is even featured in the June issue of “O—The Oprah Magazine.” If Oprah is paying attention to this little piggy, you know millions of others have taken notice, too. Including us.

Abt recently started carrying Speakal’s iPig, as well as the company’s iPanda and iBoo speaker systems in an assortment of colors. (As you can see in the image below, the iBoo looks like a friendly ghost—thus the name.) The iPig and iPanda feature five speakers, including a 15W subwoofer, and a total output of 25+ watts. The iBoo comes with three speakers, including a 9W subwoofer, and a total output of 15 Watts. All three models have remotes to control iPod functions, 3.5mm AUX input jacks to connect to other music sources, and are compatible with all iPods that have dock connectors.

Speakal's iPig, iPanda, and iBoo

“When I first saw these, I thought they looked pretty cool,” says Abt sales specialist Rob Christoffel, who works in our Apple Boutique. “The designs really caught my eye, and I was surprised by how good they sound and all the fun features they have. The mouths on the iPig and iPanda light up when they’re on, and they flash when they’re receiving commands from the remote.”

With the iPig and iPanda, you also can raise the volume by touching the right ear and lower the volume by touching the left ear. You can do the same thing with the iBoo, but since a ghost doesn’t have ears, you just touch the left or right side. When the iBoo is on, its light casts a ghostly glow on the surface below.

Next time you visit Abt, stop in the Apple Boutique to see and listen to these unique iPod sound systems.

by Graham W.

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