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Start The New Year With A Green Kitchen

A lot of us were probably feeling a bit green a few days ago—January 1, to be exact—after a night of over-hydrating ourselves at parties or watching fireworks or whatever else people do to ring in the New Year. Your kitchen might also have turned green if you failed to make it to the sink or bathroom before your internal fireworks erupted. 

But there’s an even better way to make yourself and your kitchen green, or more environmentally friendly, as one of your New Year’s resolutions. Abt has a new “Green Kitchen” installation in our Atrium area, which features eco-friendly materials that also happen to look great and can serve as the basis for your own kitchen remodeling. The installation was created by the DDK Kitchen Design Group of Glenview, IL.

The first design element you’ll probably notice is the cabinetry with doors made of solid bamboo, which grows quickly and is easily replenished. The Veltrazzo countertops consist of 85% recycled glass, most of which is collected from curbside recycling programs, and the stools are made of monkey pod wood and cut from tree limbs that also grow back quickly. PaperStone was used to make the tables, and it’s the only solid architectural surface that uses 100% recycled paper. Other Earth-friendly materials were used for the floors and wall tiles, while LED lighting was chosen for its low power consumption. 

If the idea of a “Green Kitchen” appeals to you, click here to find some “green” appliances to complement these construction materials. This just might be the year you’ll actually stick to at least one of your New Year’s resolutions.  —by Graham W.

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