Kef Speakers Now Available Online At Abt

Getting a new HDTV is great way to improve the image quality of the TV shows and movies you watch, but what about the sound? Have you considered that? I’m waiting…….Okay, you probably have, but now you have a chance to pick up some excellent new speakers that have just become available online at Abt. Our audio buyer/ guru Jim Kozicki knows a lot about them, and here’s a little bit of what he has to say: 

“Abt Electronics is proud to now offer Kef products on our website,” says Jim. “Kef has been Britain’s top speaker manufacturer for decades and currently has some of the best reviewed products in the industry. From $199 satellites to the $20,000 Reference Series, Kef has speakers that will perform great and match any budget. Abt is now your online Kef connection.” 

KEF Reference Series High Gloss Cherry Floorstanding Loudspeakers 

You can also visit our showroom if you’d like to hear these amazing speakers in person (click here for store hours and directions). To view the entire selection of speakers available at Abt, click here.    —by Graham W.

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