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New Buying Guide: Recordable Media

Remember the days when all you needed to have if you wanted to record something was a pointy rock so you could chisel things onto a flat rock? Okay, so we moved beyond that a few thousand years ago, but the number of options now available to record audio, video, and other digital data has greatly increased in just the last few years.

Keeping up with all the new media that you might need for your camera, camcorder, DVD recorder, computer, or other electronic gadgets can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve created a new Recordable Media Buying Guide. It is designed to inform you about the various types of recordable media—including recordable CDs, recordable DVDs, miniDV tapes, secure digital (SD) cards, flash drives, and more—and what you need to know to buy the right kind for all of your electronics.

Even if you think you’ve been using the right type of recordable media, something new might have come along that could work even better for you or offer features that you currently don’t have. So take a look at the Recordable Media Buying Guide and see what you might have been missing. —by Graham W.

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