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DTV Transition Test Generates No Panic

Good news. Everyone in the Chicago area survived the “soft shutdown” of analog TV signals during two five-minute tests conducted yesterday by local TV stations to alert the public about the coming apocalypse—I mean, digital television (DTV) transition. There were no reports of widespread panic, screaming, looting, running for bomb shelters, or fits of uncontrollable weeping. Just so you know, Chicagoans are tough that way.

 This didn’t happen.

In Tuesday’s blog we told you all about the whys and hows concerning the tests (scroll down if you missed it). There are many people throughout the country who are still unaware of, or unprepared for, the switchover from analog to digital TV signals that will take place in February.

The diversity and size of the Chicago market challenges us to communicate this upcoming change to digital television in every manner possible,” said Emily Barr, president and general manager of Chicago’s ABC 7 Television. “By conducting this 5 minute test twice in one day, we believe we will provide viewers with a significant opportunity to test their readiness for digital television. Our collective mantra is to leave no viewer behind.”

If you know someone who might be left behind, click here for more information you can use to help ease their way through the transition. —by Graham W.

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