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It’s Just a Guess, But There Might Be a Mess

The DTV (Digital Television) transition is now only about four months away from going into effect, and things just might not go as smoothly as the government and the general public would like. In fact, the switch from analog to digital broadcasting throughout the U.S. might get downright messy, according to a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) official.

Old snowy TV set

Households that use only analog TVs risk having their screens go blank unless they take the proper steps. These include buying a new TV with a digital tuner, ditching their current TV antennas for cable or satellite service, or buying a digital TV converter box. The federal government is offering consumers $40 coupons to help pay for these boxes.

When the switchover takes place next February 17, there are likely to be glitches, said the FCC’s Robert McDowell. “The transition will be messy, but we will get through it,” he added, while urging broadcasters to step up their efforts to educate the public.

At Abt, we will continue to provide information and assistance to anyone who needs help to make a smooth transition to the digital TV era. Also, a previous Abt Blog on this subject features a video of company president Jon Abt explaining the DTV transition on Fox News.  —by Graham W.

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