Enter To Win a Sharp LCD TV

Football coaches are always preaching about how their team needs to win the turnover, or “give-away/ take-away,” battle against their opponents. This football season we want our customers to win that battle, so we’re giving away a 19” Sharp LCD TV each week for a lucky winner to take away. But that’s not all. If the Chicago Bears score a touchdown during the opening kick-off return in either the first or the second half of their game, the weekly winner will have a chance to win the Kick-Off Return Grand Prize—a 52” Sharp AQUOS LCD 1080p HDTV.

Abt Opening Kick-Off Contest

Sharp AQUOS TVs feature Active Color for a more lifelike HD picture, and their brightness level allows you to place them near windows or other light sources and still enjoy a vivid picture. They also provide exceptionally wide viewing angles, so you can watch TV from just about anywhere in the room, while the AQUOS LINK system gives you convenient control of AQUOS Blu-ray Disc players.

No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. All you have to do is visit our store and fill out an entry form, so book those plane reservations now if you’re reading this in another state. Chicago is a great place to visit, and you might even take away a free Sharp TV or two as a memento. —by Graham W.

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