Ball Trainmaster Watch—Staff Favorite

Hi, my name is Mark Stonkus, and I’ve been at Abt for 10 years now. Initially I was with the phone sales department, and then I became the first designated full-time internet sales associate. I’ve lived in Chicago for the past 9 years and really enjoy the urban hustle and bustle that comes with big city dwelling. I have to say that I’m one of my own best customers. I like toys—electronics, appliances, anything that moves, ticks, or plays, so working at Abt has been a great opportunity to indulge my interests with the items we sell.

I hadn’t bought a watch in about 10 years, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted in a new one. But I went to the new Abt watch boutique called “Time”—catchy, isn’t it?—where they had a number of brands I’m familiar with (Gucci, Rado, Swiss Army, Hamilton) and some that I never heard of (Frederique Constant, Ball, Chronoswiss). I liked some, didn’t care for others, but a few stood out.

Ball Trainmaster watch

I really liked the Ball watches. I never heard of the company before, but I learned that they initially started in the U.S. making pocket watches for train conductors in the 19th century. They are handmade in Switzerland, the hour hands glow, and they have a really nice look and feel to all models.

Then I saw IT—the Trainmaster. It has a stainless steel bracelet, blue face (one model has a silver face), sparkling white dials, just awesome looking. I had to have this watch, so of course I added it to my long list of Abt purchases. I hope to have my Ball Trainmaster for a long time, but if anything ever happens to it, I’m sure I’ll buy another one just like it again. —by Mark Stonkus

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