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TiVo HD Digital Video Recorder—Staff Favorite

I’m Isaac Benjamin, and I started at Abt in December 1998 at the age of 22 in the small electronics department. It was a fun department with all young people that were easy to get along with, and I became very good friends with many of them. A few years later I met a cashier named Joy. After a few years of dating we got married and now have been happily married for over two years. This building is more than just a job. Every conversation I have outside of work somehow turns into an Abt conversation. Weird.

Anyway, I recently purchased a TiVo HD Digital Video Recorder at Abt, and I love it. Once you have one you can never go back to watching TV without a DVR. The install was simple. I just called Comcast and had them bring out two cable cards. Once set up, TiVo learns what you like to watch. You can also set up something called a “Season Pass.” That is when you add a show to record and it will record it every time it’s on.


TiVo has also added some new features that the original TiVo didn’t have. It can link to other TiVos in your home so you can watch the shows from other rooms and also stream pictures and music from a computer in your house. It’s like a whole media center in one box. I would recommend a TiVo to anyone who has little time to watch their favorite shows when they originally air. – by Isaac Benjamin

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