TV Too Small? How About a 108-Inch Model?

See that TV in the Special Gifts for Dad posting below? That’s a 42-incher, which is a pretty decent size for your average room. Now imagine adding another 66 inches to that, and you’ll have some idea of the size of the Sharp Model LB-1085 LCD TV. At 108-inches, this massive, full HD 1080p television is the world’s largest commercially available LCD monitor, or at least it will be when it comes out in a few short months (September to be exact).

Sharp 108-inch TV

If you visited our store earlier this year you may have seen a prototype of the LB-1085, which we had on display for a few weeks. This TV employs 8th generation glass substrates, which allow Sharp to produce LCDs in super-large sizes. The LB-1085 offers a variety of inputs, including HDMI and DVI-I, and its fan-less design reduces noise and the intake of dust, heightening its level of technical sophistication.

Be ready with something in the neighborhood of $100,000 and a huge viewing area, and this giant TV can be yours. People on your screen will be as big or bigger than you are. The tears of American Idol runners-up will look like saucers. Monsters will finally be monster-sized as they crush whole cities. Who can resist that?     by Graham W.

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    June 24, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    I will take 2 of these tv’s. What a deal..

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