New Comcast and DirecTV Booths

At Abt, we like to continuously upgrade our showroom with new displays and renovated areas to provide our customers with the best shopping experience. Both DirecTV and Comcast recently received upgrades, which you can see below.

DirecTV Abt booth

Comcast Abt booth

Offering the choice of cable or satellite TV in one convenient spot serves as a great example of what helps make Abt a unique, one-stop location for all of your electronic needs. Both DirecTV and Comcast have some of their own employees working within our store, and they can schedule service calls, new installations, or upgrades. Abt delivery people can even install satellite or cable boxes when you have your new TV delivered, making things extremely convenient since you won’t have to wait for the cable guy to come out after your set arrives. –by Graham W.

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