Meet the Easter Bunny at Abt

The Easter Bunny loves to come hopping into Abt each year to meet with as many children as possible by the fountain in our atrium area, which has been given a Spring-like makeover featuring lots of flowers and bright colors. The Bunny’s been bouncing around our store for the past few weekends and will be here from noon until 4:00 pm this Saturday, so stop in and pay him a visit. Like most bunnies, he’s as friendly as he is fuzzy, and he loves to have kids pose for a complimentary picture with him. He’s also giving out free candy and stickers.

Carmen and Easter Bunny

“I give up carrots each year at Easter time,” the Bunny told us. “I’m all about candy and colored eggs this weekend. Hey, everyone goes off their diet every once in awhile. I’ll hop around the fountain a few times to stay in shape.”

Abt Easter atrium

By the way, you don’t have to be an actual kid to pose for a picture and get some candy. Just make sure you don’t accidentally leave your children at home.      by Graham W.

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