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Apple WWDC Highlights Part 2: iOS 6

Apple just finished wrapping up their presentation in Cupertino and they have all kinds of advancements in their new iOs6 software. First and foremost is a HUGE Siri face-lift.  Below are the upgrades featured at Apple’s WWDC 2012. The beta version of iOS 6 is going out to developers today, but will be available to consumers in the fall. The new update will support iPhone 3GS and later, as well as the second and third-generation iPad.  Sorry old iPad users, this one’s not for you.

The revamped operating system comes with more personalization options, allowing users to turn on a “do-not-disturb mode”, which prevents notifications from waking you up in the middle of the night but still have your phone near you if you use it as an alarm.  A new feature will also allow users to respond to phone calls with a set message if they can’t answer because they may be driving or on the other line.

Apple will also finally allow Facetime to work over the cellular network; it previously only worked if both users were connected to a WiFi network.  the potential downfall for this feature is the racking up of data if you aren’t

Apple will also consolidate a user’s Apple ID and phone number, so calls and messages can be picked up via the iPhone or iPad.

Other new features include the ability to compile an offline reading list, a new photo upload feature, the ability to share photo streams, and an app called Passbook, which stores boarding passes, store cards, and movie tickets.

Facebook integration: The new setup allows Facebook users to post pictures and video directly to their accounts from iOS 6 without using the Facebook app, and post updates via Siri.

Siri gets smarter: Apple also announced several upgrades for Siri, including a jump to the lastest iPad.

Upgrades include better responses, and several integrations such as, OpenTable, Rotten Tomates, Yelp, and sports data. Siri can also launch apps now with a simple command as well.

Apple is also working with automakers to integrate Siri into cars through a “Eyes Free” feature, which will allow drivers to use a button in the steering wheel to activate Siri. The feature is coming in the next 12 months for several car companies, including BMW, General Motors,Toyota, Mercedes, Honda And Audi.

Apple’s maps: The app is tapping into the GPS arena by helping drivers who need to navigate their way through traffic. Besides offering turn-by-turn directions, the app includes a new traffic service that shows you the location of accidents, courtesy of crowd-sourcing, so you can try to avoid them.

Look for the new iOS6 from Apple this fall!

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