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10 Year Anniversary of Abt Electronics in Glenview, IL!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of our retail store in Glenview, IL. This store is currently the fifth location we’ve opened with previous locations being held in Chicago, Niles and  Morton Grove. Each move has offered Abt Electronics the opportunity to expand and try new things.  Our current location is an exemplification of brilliant business ethics, mixed with pure passion and enthusiasm for the work that is put into this building every day.

Abt construction circa 2001…

Never happy with settling for average, Mr. Abt always likes to keep a fresh outlook for his store and its employees.  If something doesn’t work, it is changed, or modified until it does.  Part of this comes from the Abt family’s willingness to listen to its employees and customers.  Heartfelt discussions, both one-on-one, as well as store-wide meetings, have allowed the Abts to really understand their employees and consumers.

What are the big changes we’ve made in the last 10 years?  Well, here at Abt we know the importance of helping maintain a greener world.   Green initiatives took a big step at the Glenview location about 5 years ago with the construction of an on-site recycling center.  The 8,000 square-foot recycling center takes in the leftover materials from each day’s deliveries. In addition to an on-site recycling center, Abt also has energy-saving windmills, motion-sensor lighting, and energy-efficient fans throughout the store.

Recycling Center

Attempting to try something truly unique, Abt decided to use their land south of the Abt retail store to create The Design Center at Abt.  Located just 500 yards south of Abt, the Design Center has become the quintessential location for home design and creativity.  With locations like, The Kohler Store, Avanti Gallery, Visions by Exotic Marble, California Closets, Lighting by Fox and when you are done shopping, stop by  Jolane’s Restaurant and Bar for a bite to eat.

Design Center at Abt

We’ve seen a lot of changes these last 10 years.  The Abt family has kept their motto “the answer is yes to any reasonable request” into every facet of the business.  These last 10 years have created many memories, friendships and Abt continues to be a business everyone is proud to work for.  We all hope to continue to offer excellent products with a positive outlook for generations to come.  Our store may continue to make modifications, change design, and maybe even change its location entirely.  One thing will be certain, this is a family business and everyone, inside and out will always be treated as one of our own.

Happy Memorial Day from Abt!
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