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So Long, Windows XP

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Where were you on October 25th 2001?  Well if you are like me and the numerous other people I asked, you probably don’t remember.  On October 25th 2001, Microsoft released the operating system Windows XP.  Windows XP just celebrated its 9th birthday, and even after 9 years, this is the operating system of choice for many major businesses today.  It has even withstood the release of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Unfortunately, as of October, Windows XP cannot be shipped with any new machines from manufactures such as HP, Lenovo, Samsung, etc.  But if you want Windows XP you still have a few options.

The first option is to find a new computer that still supports Windows XP.  Most of the time these will be business class models such as the Toshiba Portege R700-S1321.  This Laptop includes what is referred to as a, Windows XP downgrade.  The second option is to purchase a Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade.  With the Anytime Upgrade you will be able to take Windows 7 Home Premium and unlock the features that are included with Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate. The feature that many people are now using is a virtual version of Windows XP.  The Virtual version of XP is what everyone is familiar with.  The best part is you can now have the best of both worlds with Windows 7 and Windows XP!  The Anytime Upgrades for Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate requires Windows 7 Home Premium.

If you have questions about the R700-S1321 or how you can upgrade your computer to Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, please call the Connect Techs at 847-544-2255.

-Chad Taylor

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Need A New Laptop? Abt Has The Perfect One For You!

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

I could not believe it until I actually saw it. The Toshiba Protégé R700-S1321 is the most impressive laptop that I have seen in years.  With its 13.3-inch screen that still lets me keep an optical drive but yet does not sacrifice battery and power, and best yet boasts about an 8 plus hour battery, and includes Windows 7 Professional, or a free downgrade to Windows XP. What could be better? Well the fact that this laptop only weighs 3.2 pounds and includes a Core i5 processor. Overall this machine is special in the sense that for the first time in a long time Toshiba is offering a laptop that gives you the best of both worlds; thin and lightweight with plenty of power and battery life. Abt has this laptop on display in the Connect Store. It is something that should be truly seen if you are in the market for a new laptop.

– Chad T.

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