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Going Outside Sounds Great!

This summer, don’t be confined to listening to music only in the house.  You can take advantage of warm weather, sunshine and great tunes with the help of Jawbone’s newest item; Jawbone JAMBOX wireless speaker.  Portable and easy-to-use, this wireless speaker is just the solution for bar-b-q’s, swimming in the pool, or just relaxing in the shade.  You can easily, stream live music and podcasts and download new software upgrades to keep…

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Introducing "The Ace" From The Aliph Jawbone ICON Collection

We are all aware of the dangers of talking on a cell phone and driving; and in many places it’s considered so dangerous, it’s illegal. There are a myriad of headset options on the market to combat the dangers of holding a cell phone while driving. One of the best on the market is the Jawbone Bluetooth by Aliph. They just introduced their latest line of headsets – The Icon. One of…

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