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iTunes Reaches 10 Billion

Apple hit a HUGE milestone the other day: 10 billion iTunes downloads.  That’s a billion.  An incredible feat considering the company is only 10 years old.  Originally launched on January 9th 2001, reaching that milestone would mean about a billion songs were downloaded every year. The 10 billionth download from iTunes was the song, “Guess Things Happen That…

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The New Apple TV

Hi, today I want to talk about the newest version of the Apple TV. I have an old 40GB version and it has been very enjoyable over the years. The biggest news with the new one is that it has no storage and is streaming only. No worries about the hard drive crashing. The other plus is the…

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Sonos S5 Freedom

  The Sonos S5 Zone player has arrived. This is a really cool innovation from Sonos. It’s a wireless, one-piece speaker system that works with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Unlike most docking stations, the S5 doesn’t require the iPhone or iPod Touch to be docked in the unit itself. Sonos took speaker systems to another level with…

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