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B&W Speaker Gallery Now Open

Monday, June 24th, 2013

B&W Speakers find a new home at Abt Electronics

One of the latest additions to our product selection, and one that’s got our audio guys really excited, is our new collection of speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. B&W Speakers (as they’re known to their fans) are some of the most highly-rated speakers available today. One of the progenitors of audiophile-level speakers, B&W have continuously put out innovative products that have won over the hearts and ears of audio fanatics the world over. B&W equipment can be found in the most prestigious studios in the professional audio industry, including George Lucas’s Skywalker Sound and the storied Abbey Road Studios in London.


The new Bowers & Wilkins gallery at Abt.



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Sonos Playbar: A Soundbar From the Wireless Music Experts

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

The Sonos Playbar integrates Sonos Play technology into a home theater soundbar

sonos Playbar

The Sonos Playbar mounts neatly on the wall, above or below your flat panel TV. Or simply place it on the stand below.

About ten years ago, Sonos set out to transform the way people listen to music in the digital era by removing one of the obstacles to getting music to multiple locations around the house: the wires. With a Sonos system, you could store your digital music files in one location, and listen to them anywhere else in the home with a wireless internet signal. Sonos Play devices can stream music from your smartphone or Wi-Fi enable computer; the Sonos Connect extended streaming abilities to a standard stereo receiver. With the introduction of the Sonos Playbar, this functionality has been integrated into the soundbar form factor. The result is a multi-function unit whose slim body hides large, immersive sound.




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Incredible Dark Knight Themed Theater Only Costs $2 Million!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

One of my favorite parts of our store are the specialized home theaters.  I am such a huge fan of movies, that one of my dreams is to have an all-out, super themed home theater in my home.  The designers at Elite Home Theater Seating were taken to the task to create a theater with a Batman: The Dark Knight theme.  And boy, did they deliver.


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Abt Video Contest: Why Do You Deserve A New Home Theater?

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Show us why you deserve a new home theater system and you could win a $1,000 Abt gift card. All video entries will also win a $10 Abt gift card. (If you provide your email address within the description portion of your Video Response.)

Just upload a 1-1 1/2 minute video on YouTube (as a response to the video below) showing us why you deserve a new home theater system. Share your video with friends to get the most votes and win! The video with the most votes by 5pm CT, December 15, 2011 will be chosen as the winner of the $1,000 Abt gift card. It’s as simple as that. We’re looking forward to hearing your stories! Good luck!

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Newly Redesigned Custom Audio Department

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Next time you step into Abt’s custom audio you will notice a few changes.  First off, you may think you are in a showroom in Vegas with our new 16×16 Planar Video Wall.  Located in the middle of our custom audio center, there are 16 46 LCD 1080p TVs  lined up to create the ultimate home theater experience you cannot find in any retail store.

The panel is controlled by a computer that can process each individual monito maintaining it’s full 1080p image.  What is interesting is that, through the computer, the monitors can be controlled as to what should be on the display.  As you can see above, our 4×4 has 4 separate TVs on top displaying 4 different products, while the 3×4 on the bottom is playing a movie on all 12 monitors.  A fantastic experience for both kids and adults.


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Design Your Very Own Home Theater

Monday, August 1st, 2011

One of my dreams is to have a completely custom, at-home personal theater.  I don’t mean simply having  a big screen and great sound, I mean completely designing a room in your home to look, feel and sound like a smaller version of going to the movies.  That’s no easy task.  to get started you would need to spend a good amount of time sketching out the size, look, feel and supplies needed.  that would be all up to you and your imagination.

However, here at Abt, we have some great supplies to help you get started.  We have a selection of various projectors to supply the picture, get a projection screen to show all your programming, and pick out some comfy chairs to relax and enjoy.  Options are endless when you start designing.

Who knows, you may be creative enough to rival the theater of this extreme Star Wars fan.

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Home Audio New Arrivals

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

If your looking to update your home theater system, now’s a great time.  At Abt we have a line of all new audio products.   New items from manufacturers like Onkyo and Pioneer will help you get the most out of your lsitening experience.  Shop online, come in the store, or call us at 888-228-5800 for more deals on new and older products.


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Polk Audio Instant Home Theater

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Polk Audio Instant Home Theater Surround Bar 6000

I recently purchased a Sony 55″ LED LCD TV. Let me start by saying that this TV is AWESOME. It has a great picture, but the audio leaves much to be desired. In fact, my wife agreed much faster that I had though when I suggested we look into a soundbar that we could place on the mantel just under the TV.

Polk Audio Surround Bar 6000 tucked neatly under a wall-mounted TV

I knew I wanted a soundbar that was easy to install, offered great audio and since I didn’t want to run a sub cable, it had to have a wireless subwoofer. After looking at the soundbars in our store, I decided to go with the Polk Audio SURROUNDBAR6000.

Hook up was very easy–just connected an optical cable from my TV to the optical input on of the back of the soundbar (which by the way has 3 audio inputs). The wireless sub woofer was placed in a corner and plugged in to a Panamax 2-Outlet Grey Multi-Use Surge Protector – MD2 after setting both the subwoofer and the soundbar on the same channel. Lastly, I had to go into the TV menu settings and turn off the TVs internal speakers.

Now my family and I enjoy great room filling audio from our TV.

Rafael P.

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Abt's New Bose Room

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Abt is pleased to announce the opening of the new Bose® room in our audio/video department. Like many of the trusted brands featured in our store, Abt has worked closely together with Bose for many years to create a tremendous shopping experience. This new Bose® area in our store does just that!

The new room features 20 Bose home theater and personal audio products on display, including the newest Lifestyle® home entertainment systems, the simpler 2.1 CineMate® home theater speaker systems, the SoundDock® family of products for iPods® and iPhones®, the Companion® line of computer speakers, and the brand new Bose IE2 and AE2 audio headphones.

Automated displays throughout the space allow Abt customers to explore independently, listen to music and movie demonstrations, and discover more about the product benefits – all with the simple push of a button. The room also allows for more personalized demonstrations with an Abt sales consultant in warm, home-like settings that combine the latest HDTVs, Bose systems, a variety of HD sources, and comfy leather seating.

A great product on display that I had the pleasure of trying out is Bose®’s new Lifestyle® V35 home entertainment system.  Continuing the tradition of Bose®’s popular Lifestyle® systems, the V35 connects up to 6 HD components and upscales any non-HD video to 1080p! I was very impressed with its Unify™ technology system that easily guides any user while installing the unit to existing components.  Even a novice would be able to set this up!

For more information, stop by Abt and take a tour of our newest remodel.  Don’t forget to also check our full line of Bose® products .

-Nick E.

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Crestron – Now At Abt

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Abt is excited to add the Crestron brand to our home audio line up.  We will have the entire array of products from both the Adagio and Prodigy lines.  I was able to attend one of the Crestron trainings presented by our Crestron rep, Dave Koller.  It was interesting to learn that Crestron has been around for 44 years, is independently owned (like Abt), and has had the same owner.  They employ over 500 full-time engineers to create and update their brand.  Having that many engineers also allows them to consistently roll out new products.  Currently there are over 3500 products in their catalog, and they are adding 200 to 500 new products annually. The Prodigy line is their consumer line where you can control your home starting at $1100.  The Adagio line is their step up line and caters to those looking for high performance and multi-room distribution.

For more information, contact one of our home theater specialists today at 888.228.5800 or leave a comment below.

Jennifer A.

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