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CES 2014: Pioneer Showcases New In-Car Receivers

January 9th, 2014



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When people think of CES, they immediately think of big-screen HDTVs and big surround sound systems.  What people don’t think about, are the new in-dash car receivers.  In-dash car receivers have become more and more complex in the growing years, providing drivers with a wealth of entertainment, customization and so much more for their favorite car.  At CES 2014, Pioneer unveiled its NEX, also known as Networked Entertainment eXperience, with five new in-car receivers.

The new line of NEX will become your smartphone’s best friend.  Control it with a variety of applications or improve your phone with the AVISYNC Networked Navigation to receive traffic updates, weather and even updated gas prices.  Have a small computer, in the dash of your car!  Look for them to arrive early 2014 from Pioneer!

CES 2014: Harman offers Infinity One Wireless Speaker

January 9th, 2014

infinity ces2014

Wireless speakers are an amazing tool to have when you want to listen to your favorite tunes, wherever you are. It’s no secret that wireless speakers are all over the CES 2014 floor.   Manufacturer, Harman’s Infinity brand has its first entry in to the group with the Inifinity One. The Infinity One states that is provides portable hi-fi sound with the wireless capability and rechargeable battery that is estimated to work for up to 10 hours of run time before needing a re-charge. As of right now, there is not a price tag on the unit, but look for it to hit the market soon.

Harman’s plan with the new Infinity One wireless speaker is to revitalize the brand.  To help in doing so, Harman has signed a 5-year contract with the bank Linkin Park, which will spearhead the advertising , showcasing the Infinity One’s power and portability.

Mini Systems Get Big at CES 2014

January 8th, 2014

Back in the 1980s, there were two things about the music that were big: the hair, and the boomboxes. Thankfully, both style and technology evolved, and the D-Battery-powered, shoulder-mounted cassette stereo went the way of the teased, crimped, bleach-blonde mane. Those looking for a portable, all-in-one music system were presented with numerous options of stereo mini systemsThese classy, compact stereo systems were designed to fit in with either the boardroom or dorm room crowd, saving space yet still putting out respectable sounds. And for a while, the boombox languished in obscurity, a relic of times past. A few quick stops at CES 2014, though, and it looks like these sonic beasts have not yet given up fighting.

At the LG exhibit, our man on the ground demoed the new LG X Boom CM9730 boom box, which features a face-melting 25,000 watts of power. I don’t know how much power that is, but I’m pretty sure you can jump start a dump truck with this thing. The X Boom is not for the weak of heart, or those short on space for that matter. Each of the two speaker units is roughly the size of a shetland pony, and LG’s specs show that the entire package tips the scales at over 350 lbs! LG bills the X Boom as sort of party-in-a-box, putting out the kind of power needed to replicate the dance club atmosphere in your home, backyard or hopefully-neighborless apartment. Further bolstering its party cred are an auto equalizer that adapts to musical genre; the Smart DJ system, which gives users the ability to add samples and other sound effects to music; and integrated LED lighting that changes to the beat of the music.

Inputs include standard CD tray and dual USB inputs. The USB inputs give the X Boom a couple neat tricks, including the Jukebox function, letting users create custom folders and playlists from a flash drive, while USB-to-USB recording lets users swap music with their friends. Twin jog-dials make navigating external files a breeze, and act as DJ mixers when the music’s bumping. And one feature we always love: the LG X Boom supports wireless streaming from any Bluetooth device, so you can go deaf to any song available via streaming services.

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Mophie Space Pack Adds Storage and Battery Life to your iPhone

January 8th, 2014

Since the debut of the smartphone, countless brands have popped up offering every kind of imaginable accessory, from the indispensable waterproof iPhone case to the, well, the toilet paper dispenser iPod dock. One of the brands of iPhone accessories that we really love is Mophie. Their Juice Pack and Juice Pack Air battery cases protect your smartphone and give you up to an extra 80-100% of battery power. So not only is your precious iPhone or Galaxy S4 protected from dents and dings that daily life delivers, you can go nearly twice as long as normal between recharges. We like Mophie products so much, in fact, that every one of the smartphones that our over 200 delivery and service teams use is outfitted with a Juice Pack. Which is why we extra excited to get a look at the new Mophie Space Pack at CES.

Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie Juice Packs on delivery fleet SGS4 phones.

The Mophie Space Pack builds on the genius of the Juice Pack by adding additional storage space—either 16GB or 32GB—to create a product unlike anything currently available.  However, due to iOS restraints, adding storage is not a simple plug-and-play affair. To use the additional storage, users will need to download Mophie’s Space app, which includes an integrated file manager, camera app and media player. Users will have to access the app anytime they want to access or share any media stored in the Space Pack. So, not a totally seamless system, but it’s the only one of its kind and it’s a clever workaround to a problem that plagues many smartphone users. And for potential iPhone 5s buyers, it can be cheaper than the price difference between new iPhone models.

Mophie Space Pack

A look at the Mophie Space app.

Like the Juice Pack Air, the Space Pack is slim and ergonomic. It adds some length and depth to the iPhone body, but still slides in and out of pockets with ease and is comfortable to hold. You’ll also find the same 1,700 mAh battery pack, giving you double the power of the iPhone 5′s built-in power pack. Doubling both storage and run-time means a lot less recharges and memory dumps, which is great when you’re away from a power outlet or access to The Cloud. For road warriors and other prolific iPhone users, and especially for the Instagrammers and other voracious consumers and producers of media, the Mophie Space Pack looks to be the best single accessory available.

Mophie Space Pack

Just as slim and ergo as the Juice Pack

According to Mophie, the Space Pack will start shipping in March, but pre-ordering is open now. For more info, call us at 888-228-5800 and ask for one of our Apple sales specialists.

CES 2014: Sony PlayStation Now Goes to the Cloud

January 8th, 2014

sony playstation now

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Sony announced at CES 2014 that the Sony PlayStation Now will now be a cloud-based videogame streaming service.  This will allow users to have access to a variety of PlayStation games on a wealth of devices.  Expect it to become fully functional by summer 2014.  When this goes live, this will mean you can play PlayStation 3 games on consoles such as the PS4 and PS Vita, as well as Sony’s Bravia range of TVs, along with non-Sony products like smartphones and tablets via dedicated apps.

For tablet loving individuals, you will soon be able to play your favorite PlayStation games.  Never be without your favorite games, and take them wherever you go with the PlayStation Now available summer 2014!

CES 2014: Samsung 105-inch Panoramic UHDTV

January 8th, 2014

CES 2014 has made it pretty clear, Ultra High Definition TVs are taking over.  Samsung’s newest UHDTV not only looks great, but brings a TON of viewing space.  The 105-inch curved panoramic UHDTV is being showcased at CES 2014 and it’s mesmerizing.

The Samsung 105-inch UHDTV features a spectacular wider field of view which draws viewers into the screen.  This brings the theater experience, right in your living room.  If you love video games, you will be looking left and right during your favorite first-person shooting game.  This UHDTV also keeps the recent Samsung tradition of offering SmartTV capabilities.  Get online, and surf the internet on this TV.  Switch seamlessly between your favorite programming and applications.  This would be a beautiful addition in anyone’s living room. It’s not cheap, however, as Samsung is expecting a $69,999 price tag.  Check back for more from Abt at CES 2014!

CES 2014: Lenovo ThinkPad X1

January 8th, 2014

Our CES 2014 Representatives stopped by the Lenovo Booth and check out the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon ultrabook, the world’s slimmest 14-inch ultrabook on the market.  Made of carbon fiber, it is slim and offers a sturdy and light structure.  It has a gorgeous 14-inch 2560 x 14440 IPS touchscreen display.

An interesting new feature of the Lenovo Carbon X1, is the adaptive keyboard.  This keyboard will adapt based on the application or program you are using.  If you are surfing the web, the keyboard will work as a regular keyboard, however if you are Skyping, the keyboard will adapt to be convenient during Skype.  As a high-end Ultrabook, The X1 Carbon is packed with power. It comes with low-voltage Haswell Core i5 or i7 processors, HD4400 integrated graphics, 4GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD (upgradable to 512GB). In terms of ports, Lenovo’s added a full-size HDMI port to the mix, in addition to two USB 3.0 ports, a mini DisplayPort, and OneLink docking and charging connector.

Samsung 110-inch LED UHDTV @ CES 2014

January 7th, 2014

Since the first TV was made available to the public some 85 years ago, manufacturers have been continued to refine the technology, always striving to improve two main metrics: Screen size and picture quality. For a while, in the 80s and early 1990s, it seemed we got stuck around standard definition and 60 inches or so of display real estate. The digital revolution around the turn of the millenium jump-started the race again, bringing about widespread adoption of High Definition broadcasting and LCD and Plasma TVs slowly pushing size boundaries. And in the last few years, the process has reached new heights, giving us TV models that were just years ago almost unimaginable.

At CES 2013, we were wowed by the Samsung UN85S9, an 85-inch Ultra High Definition LED TV. It amazed us enough that we decided to carry it in store. Needless to say, it turned heads in our showroom. Stopping by the Samsung staging ground at CES 2014, we got a first hand look at Samsung’s new entry into the S9 LED TV lineup, a model which makes the UN85S9 look downright diminutive:

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Panasonic Airtouch Floating Display @ CES 2014

January 7th, 2014

If you ever want to get your mind blown by new technology, CES is a great place to have that done. One of the great bits of creative, Sci-Fi technology that has remained elusive in the real world is the holographic display. From the days of the Star Trek holodeck to giant attack sharks floating around future Hill Valley in Back to the Future: Part II, us geeks have been waiting patiently for the debut of commercial holographic displays. There have been occasional promising prototypes, but we can’t remember anything as fun as the Panasonic Airtouch Floating Display we played with at CES. I’ll be honest, we have no idea how it works. But it looks incredible and is as close to a Minority Report display as we’ve seen in real life. Check out the embedded video for a look at how it works. And who knows, in a few years, every machine with a touchscreen monitor might be sporting a holographic heads-up display like this one.


LG Transparent Display at CES 2014

January 7th, 2014

While the Consumer Electronics Show encompasses all manner of home and commercial electronic gadgetry, it’s the televisions and other displays that are the star every year, and for good reason. We’re visual creatures, and nothing catches our attention like a big, dazzling display. We’ve seen manufacturers make displays larger, wider, thinner and bendy. They’ve given them picture quality that is 3D, has Ultra High Definition resolution, and even appear to be floating. But one of the more eye-catching, if niche, displays we’ve encountered so far is this transparent display from LG.

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