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Technologist Tuesday- Listen Up!

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013


Do you want to see any or all of these musicians perform live…for free? Justin TimberlakeArctic MonkeysVampireWeekend-Kings of Leon-EltonJohnPixiesBastille – 30 Seconds to MarsSigur Rós-The Lumineers – Paramore  – Rizzle Kicks  – Queens of the Stone AgePhoenixJake BuggTomOdell-Avicii-Chic featuring Nile Rodgers – Janelle Monáe – The Olms-Jack JohnsonBahamasValerie June – LudovicoEinaudi-Primal ScreamJessie J-NoCeremony-Tinie TempahJohnLegend-RobinThicke-Jimmy Eat World – Valerie June – POLICA – 1975 – Lawson – Palma Violets – Fenech-Soler – Little Green Cars – Phox?

September 1st will kick off the 2013 iTunes Festival.  Every day will stream live performances from the above artists and more.  All you need is a computer with iTunes, an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPhone) or an Apple TV.   This has been going on every year since 07’ and it seems like no one knows it exists.  Last year was amazing and this year’s lineup is fantastic.  Also, for anyone new to iTunes Festival, the production value is through the roof.  The HD camera angles, lighting, stage design and everything else has made previous iTunes Festivals a great series of shows.  They’re not short either.  Last year’s opening performance by Usher was 90 minutes long.  Deadmau5 played for 2 hours and the rest of the 2012 iTunes Festival performers didn’t disappoint.


Technologist Tuesday: Watch out: A Smartwatch Awareness

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013


When the iPad came out, I was frequently asked, “I have an iPhone and a computer.  Why do I need an iPad.”  The tablet industry arrived with iPad and so many people were confused.  Do I need an iPad? Why? I rarely get asked this question these days.  Most people are getting a second or third tablet because someone in their household has taken over the iPad.   However, it still comes up from time to time.  My answer is simple:  A tablet can be a better way to do some of the daily tech things you already do.  Surfing the web, checking your email, reading a magazine or newspaper has become a tablet preferred activity.  On top of that, you open yourself up to a world of Apps that pretty much guarantees to have a least one or two apps you’ll cling to.  This answer has all sorts of demos and supporting content to light the tablet fire.

Soon, the question will return.  “Why?  I have a smart phone, computer and even a tablet.  Why do I need a Smartwatch.”  This time around it’s quite a bit different.  I think the answer might be:  “Because you have a Smartphone, computer and even a tablet.”  We have so much technology around us it’s time for a middleman.  Primarily, something’s needed to address the Smartphone’s obnoxious control over people.  The Smartwatch may help us all focus on the road and ease the need to keep peeking at our smart phones.  Beyond that, wearing our technology on our wrists opens up an entire new opportunity for new App development.  With all these possibilities, the Smartwatch can be a great way to bridge your personal technology.  Or, the Smartwatch wearing human will develop abnormally large muscles in their left shoulder region as they begin to abuse the need to look at their smart watch thousands of times a day.    (more…)

Technology Tuesday-Healthy, Wearable Technology

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

I’ve got just 275 miles left before I reach the Nike+ Running Black Level.  My account has logged an average distance of 4.5 miles in the 2,055 miles it’s recorded.  In over 452 logged runs I’ve achieved 209 Trophies & accomplished 105 personal goals.  Today I just accepted the Quadruple Threat Goal.  There is no way I will ever leave this product line.  I am a member of the wearable technology world.  My membership cost me the price of some cool hardware and has provided me years worth of this digital obsession.


Technologist Tuesday-3D Printing & The Future

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013


A 3D Bioprinting Recap

3D printing clothes, toys, surfboards, cars or even a neighborhood of houses is so March 2013.  Get with it…3D Bioprinting is where it’s at.  For those of you not paying attention to 3D printing you may want to check this out.  Especially if you are missing a limb, need an organ, blind, hungry, need a new face or are about to embark on a 30 year mission to deep space.  In the future, 3D bioprinting will have your back.


Technologist Tuesday-The Revolution Will be Televised

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013


Where to begin?  I guess we should start with Moore’s Law.  In 1965, Gordon E. Moore said that every couple of years, the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles.  Simply put:  processing power doubles every two years.  He thought the trend would last for about ten years but it’s been spot on for a half century at about 18 months.  We’ve reached the point in his theory where technological advances in processing power are starting to shock us all.

Coming soon: Nokia’s Lumia 1020 Windows phone featuring the Snapdragon S4 Plus Processor.  It has a 41 Megapixel digital camera.  It will be sold in the US in a couple of weeks.  41 Megapixels.  Did your head explode?  When my coworkers and I found out about this Nokia phone we all had our simultaneous excited nerd moment. We began firing off questions:  “How?” “Why don’t cameras with real lenses (DSLR) have this potential?” “Will the files be gargantuan and fill the phone up?’ and on and on we ranted.  41 Megapixels…INSANE!!!


Technologist Tuesday: Video Killed the Radio Star

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013


A few months ago, my Grandma upgraded from AT&T DSL to Comcast High Speed internet.  Her DSL connection could barely play a YouTube video.  Her Speed went from 1Mbps to 28Mbps and she’s paying less a month.  Now she’s got an iPad, Roku and is an avid fan of Netflix’s Exclusive TV Series “House of Cards” among other streaming content and Apps (especially Words with Friends…WATCH OUT!).  There are a handful of topics going on here.

1)      High speed internet availability

My last blog discussed Home Wi-fi.  One of the items reviewed was the source of your internet.  High Speed Internet services from you local Cable Company are almost a must if you want full powered high-speed internet.  For those houses that have iPads, Computers, Smartphones, Security Systems and all sorts of devices feeding off their sources bandwith:  even 6Mpbs isn’t going to be that great.  Go to and see how fast your internet is and consider your options to get that speed increased.


Technologist Tuesday: Home Wi-fi

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013


Home Wifi:

Does your house have Wi-Fi?  Does it reach everywhere you want it to?  Are you happy with your Wi-fi signal? For many of us, Wi-Fi is a hassle.  Signals not strong enough, Videos buffer and get all choppy or we just can’t seem to get a good signal when we’re on the backyard deck.  Here are some ideas that can apply to just about all of you who want to have a better wireless internet signal.

Part One:  The Provider

What piper do you pay?  Do you have DSL, Cable or are you still using Dial up?  Before you try to tackle having a better signal in your home, you’ll want to ensure that the true speed of internet coming into your home is sufficient.  Many people just don’t know what that means.  Time to get the bill out and look:  What are you paying for?  How many Mbps (Megabits per second) are you signed up for?  If you have Cable you’re in the clear.  Cable internet is simply the best.  Cable customers typically receive 25 to 50Mbps.  Interested?  Contact your local cable company and find out current rates.  Switch to cable if you can.   If you have some kind of DSL service, you’re most likely getting 1Mbps, 3Mbps, 6Mbps or 12Mbps.  Contact your DSL provider and ask them if they will offer you the option to move up to 6Mbps or higher.  It may not be that much more money and there’s nothing you’ll need to do with your equipment.   If you have dial up, then see if Cable is available or if you can switch to higher speed DSL.   Most dial up users are paying more for internet than other options that may be available.  Bottom line: try to get your service at 6Mbps or higher.  Anything less is weak internet.


iOS 7 Beta: A First Look

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013


Initial impressions of iOS 7 Beta


ios 7 flat icons

The new “flat” design icons of iOS 7.


I just missed a call, but the caller left a voicemail. Because I’ve been on iOS 7 Beta since it was launched, I’ve got a system to retrieve my message:  Open phone app, hit home button to get out of phone app, open phone app again, wait 13 seconds until it freezes and crashes and then reopen one last time and BAM! now i can check my voicemail. Yes, we iOS 7 beta testers play a sort of technological Indiana Jones, crunching across a virtual bug-infested cave and reaching into a hole where our arms are coated with overgrown insects, just to use our phones.  However, I feel that when iOS 7 graduates beta, we’ll all enjoy using this iOS, an operating system coursing with the power of all five Sankara stones.

Despite the bugs, iOS 7 is the best OS Apple has engineered yet.  The new fluid motion between all apps is a visual delight.  Major apps—Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Safari, iTunes & Phone—all received upgraded functions.  New controls that help us manage our device’s features also  increase ease and efficiency of use. The changes are so dramatic that I’d choose a glitchy iOS7 over a smooth functioning iOS6 any day.

iOS 7 has been under the gun for allegedly nabbing Android OS elements, as well as not being very intuitive.  I agree that Apple has taken on a great deal of other companies’ features and put the Apple spin on them.  The Android community shuns them for it, Microsoft takes a jab at features they feel are inadequate and the Apple user community seems rather content with their existing iOS devices-sometimes arguing back as they often think themselves superior.  We all know that Apple has proven themselves as an innovative company, and there’s no doubt that they have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. This round, they’re catching up with the competition.  It is very probable that they’re simply setting themselves up for a pretty big come back.


On to the iOS! (more…)

Introducing Josh Davis, The Technologist at Abt

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Technology is changing more rapidly than ever, these days, and we know it can be hard to keep up with this shifting landscape. We do our best to lend a helping hand by building a team of knowledgeable, passionate sales and service associates. Regular training and a commitment to customer satisfaction make our employees some of the best in the industry. But even with a team of on-call experts, we know wading through a sea of specifications, menacing-sounding acronyms and countless model variations can still be intimidating. Because if you don’t know where to start looking, how do you start at all?

So in our quest to make the Abt Experience better for all of our customers, both local and nationwide, we’re happy to introduce Josh Davis, The Technologist at Abt. Some customers in our local delivery area might recognize Josh as one of our head Apple sales specialists, and general go-to gadget guy. He’s also, over the last few years, built up something of a name for himself as a trusted source of product reviews and recommendations for area media. Chicago-area folks have probably caught Josh on a local news broadcast, having seen one of his many appearances on WGN, WCIU and NBC news programs, highlighting the hottest tech products for upcoming seasons or holidays.