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Abt Goes Solar

In early 2015, Abt wrapped construction on a massive addition to our warehouse. The 100,000 square feet of extra space not only gave us room to store more of the products that our customers love, it also left us with a whole lot more roof space. Instead of letting that space go to waste, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to expand on our green initiatives and build a rooftop solar array.


Too many panels to fit in one photo. There’s a human under that arrow for scale. (click for a high-resolution photo)

Completed and switched on earlier this month, the solar array is our largest environmental initiative since the construction of the Abt Recycling Center in 2008. Designed by Convergence Energy, the array consists of 1500 LG 340-watt solar panels, creating a 508 kilowatt solar system. Power from the panels is fed through eleven high-efficiency Ingeteam Ingecon 40kW inverters, and then into our store utility system. The solar farm will produce 850 megawatts of power per year, which is enough to run 80 homes for a year. Tapping into the sun’s power to generate our electricity means less power comes from coal-burning plants, drastically lessening Abt’s carbon footprint. It’s one of the many ways we strive to be the most environmentally-friendly company we can be.

Here are a few more photos of the new rooftop solar array:


Our previous solar array wasn’t very substantial. Also pictured are our urban windmills.




A set of the inverters that turn the panels’ output into usable AC electricity.




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