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Let Us Know What You Want For Spring, And You Could Win $100!

We’ve already had to change our clocks this weekend, so Spring is upon us.  What is a new product/gadget you plan on getting this year to make your spring a bit more fun?  Answer as a comment below today, by 8:00pm CST  and one winner will randomly be selected to win a $100 gift card from Abt Electronics.  Check out our official rules and regulations.  Good luck!

UPDATE: We want to congratulate the winner of our Abt Blog Contest for March 13th, 2012 Abby K.  Thank you to all who participated.  We hope your spring goes wonderfully.  Keep on the lookout for more Abt Blog Contests in the future!

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69 Responses to “Let Us Know What You Want For Spring, And You Could Win $100!”

  1. Edward lanum Says:

    An iPad2 now that they are on sale!!

  2. Nancy Rosman Says:

    I want the new ipad

  3. Abby Kraynick Says:

    I would LOVE to win this so that I could buy some type of wireless speaker for outside. My family & I spend ALOT of time outside in the spring/summer & it would be GREAT to have something wireless & not have to run an extension cord through my yard ♥
    Thanks for the chance…

  4. matt kivel Says:

    new mp3 player

  5. kim minton Says:

    i would love to get the new ipad3 !!

  6. Bob Mroz Says:

    Everything at Abt is great, but I could really use a new blender. I’m on a personal goal to lose another 75 lbs by July, 2012 and use my dirty old Osterizer to mix smoothies and protein shakes. I’m embarassed to bring it out of the cabinet, but it’s the only tool that works! I’d love something shiny and new that will help me meet my weight loss goal.

  7. Scott Says:

    I’d love to pick up the Samsung HT-E6730W! 7.1 channel surround, 1330 total watts, wireless rear speakers, 3D sound plus, what more could I ask for to match up with my new 64″ Samsung flat panel?

  8. Mary Thon Says:

    I plan on buying a new Microwave. I can’t live without it and I am looking forward to finding the perfect one for myself and my family 😉

  9. Sol griffin Says:

    I want to spend time with my son this summer and help him plan for collage coming up

  10. Hassen Fawaz Says:

    I want a NEW iPad!

  11. Sarah Austin Says:

    I would like something to stream online content onto the tv. It doesnt matter if its a blue-ray player or Roku but something on that line.

  12. Duong P Says:

    This Spring, I would love a new washer/dryer so that I can retire my really noisy one.

  13. Jen Lehmann Says:

    A new dishwasher!!

  14. Tiffany Says:

    I really want to close on my new house for spring, so I use the brand new appliances we will be buying!

  15. Amy Lawhorn Says:

    I don’t know if this is fun for everyone, but I REALLY want a new refrigerator!

  16. Nate Pave Says:

    I am definitely getting a new iPad if I win the $100!

  17. Crystal Whitcomb Says:

    An iPad! Any version would do. my boyfriend lives in Boston and I live in California and I need something to entertain myself during these long flights.

  18. Ron Says:

    I would really like a new home theater but that would keep me indoors so how about some outdoor speakers.

  19. Arleisa Dawkins Says:

    I would love one of those Clock Aquarium I saw on the news yesterday at the houseware show.

  20. Brad Buican Says:

    The new ipad

  21. Dawn Delaney Says:

    I plan to get an IPhone!

  22. Rob Berki Says:

    I’d like a wolf stove for my kitchen.

  23. Dan Alfonso Says:

    I want to get an Ipad so I can do computing and word processing while enjoying a beautiful day in the park.

  24. Kadie Says:

    Im thinking a new tablet or iPad so I can sit outside on my deck in this gorgeous weather and still keep up with my facebook! 🙂

  25. Emily Ferrin Says:

    I plan on getting a new camera, since my last one was stolen. Abt will be a great place to get one!

  26. Jennifer Lucarz Says:

    Though my request is not a neat gadget, it would still be kind of nice to start off the Spring. I would like a new oven. Our oven broke just after Christmas, so I have been quite creative with the crockpot and toaster oven. However, with Spring coming, comfort meals in the crockpot sound less and less appealing! It’s time to eat more healthy dinners. Baked fish comes to mind, or anything baked for that matter. I’m extra excited because we are actually going to do it all – a whole appliance package of stainless steel appliances and that $100 gift card would sure help! 🙂

  27. lgalarza Says:

    music player to listen to outside in the yard

  28. Rachel McDuffie Says:

    I think it may finally be time to try out an iPhone!

  29. andie Says:

    I’m really wanting an ipod so I can put some running apps on it. Spring is the time to get outside and off the treadmill :).

  30. MARY Says:

    I NEED a new camera!!

  31. Amber Saxby Says:

    our dvd player just broke, so I would love to upgrade to a bluray. But a new/bigger tv is on the forefront too, I could keep going! Love gadgets and winning this could go a long way. My fingers will be crossed (:

  32. N Richards Says:

    I would like to get and iPad

  33. Stephanie Warner Says:

    I would definitely use it towards a new dishwasher. It really would be FUN not having the dishwasher break down all the time and actually clean my dishes!!!

  34. Anitra Fincher Says:

    This spring I plan on getting my 73″ tv. I have had the same 42″ for 12 years. I think it’s finally time I upgrade. My son always laughs because he says we are the only family with the box on the back of the tv..So I will be upgrading..I’m long overdue!!

  35. Alan Says:

    An Apple TV.

  36. Leigh Says:

    a new TV!

  37. Joey Belpedio Says:

    I plan to get a 32″ tv and a blue ray player as my roommate is moving out and I will need to replace them.

  38. Dan Says:

    I want the new iPad of course!

  39. Barbara Lattyak Says:

    I want to get a toaster oven, to cut down on the amount of gas used & also to not have to heat up the whole house once it starts to get warm!

  40. Eric Z Says:

    I would buy a Logitech Harmony Remote in a heartbeat. I have been wanting one to declutter my coffee table for a while. This would help immensely! Thanks!

  41. Diane Bassette Says:

    I want a new patio set!!! Mine is mismatched and is fugly!!! ty 🙂 @mom2sarah

  42. Neal Trautloff Says:

    For spring I want a new blu ray player!

  43. Tim Says:

    I know it’s cliche, but this year I’m planning on getting an iPad. I’m a young adult who doesn’t even have a smartphone, so I thought I’d splurge!

  44. Justin Salvadalena Says:

    A 3D TV!

  45. Alyssa Says:

    I would love The New iPad!

  46. Mark/CharmCity Says:

    Need an A/V receiver upgrade!

  47. Mike Valdez Says:

    Love! Macbook, Samsung Series 9, or Motorola Razr.

  48. Denise Funk Says:

    new tablet!

  49. Jeff Griffith Says:

    Looking for a new macro lens for my Canon 60D. Lots of spring flowers and new things to take close ups of!!

  50. Roxanne Miller Says:

    A grill, need to start spring right with a BB-Q

  51. Janine B Says:

    I plan on getting a 32GB ipod touch! Listening to some tunes while I’m enjoying the outdoors 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Laura Says:

    iPad 3 🙂

  53. Analissa Cruz Says:

    Flowers and my vegetable garden:)

  54. Kevin Schlax Says:

    I plan on getting a new camera for the spring so I can finally have a spring to remember. I’ve never had my own camera much less a state-of-the-art digital HD camera and this spring would be the perfect time to begin the documentation of my life. I love being outside and traveling and while those activities are amazing by themselves, they become even more special when I am able to capture those moments for a lifetime. We are bombarded more and more every day with information which fights for our memory space and whether we like it or not, our beloved memories sometimes lose that battle and we forget. This would be counteracted with a proper photographic catalogue provided by a new digital camera. I hope I win!

  55. Robert Noll Says:

    A Canon T4i DSLR

  56. Ellen B Says:


  57. Mihir Patel Says:

    i want a new receiver!

  58. Patricia Hancock Says:

    I want to get a tablet to take with me on vacations and car trips.


    I have been patiently waiting for, the recent Ipad. With the newest spec’s and crisp resolution. Apple, is very intuitive with there products & design. I hope my luck can win this great gift card from my favorite place ABT……

  60. Scott Dobie Says:

    A carpet shampoo’er or steamer. I know, this will not make my spring more ‘fun’, but I will be more confident in knowing that the carpet is clean and my spring cleaning efforts are worthwhile.

  61. Jaleel Harris Says:

    A new phone…probably the iPhone 4S.

  62. Patricia Craig Says:

    I am an architect and I just designed a very small addition for a growing family. They can’t afford a dishwasher and the wife really, really deserves some help in the kitchen. I would love to win a dishwasher to give to her for assistance in the kitchen.

  63. Steve Says:

    DVD Recorder

  64. ANTONINA Says:

    NEW TV to my bedroom)))

  65. hakan Says:


  66. Donna Yost Says:

    A Replacement Monitor Screen For My Lap Top Or A 32″ Flat screen t.v

  67. Eliza Says:

    A new fridge. Mine is small and with triplets I just can’t buy enough food at once to save me some trips to the store.

  68. Charlotte Says:

    Hopefully I finally get to the iPhone 4s

  69. SOFIA Says:


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