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Projector Takes High-Def to New Levels

It seems that just about everyone these days wants that big-screen, high-def experience as part of their home entertainment systems. But for those of you looking for something even bigger than a 60- or 70-inch TV with even better resolution than the 1920 x 1080p high-definition standard, we have just the thing—Sony’s SXRD Large Venue and High-Resolution Applications Projector.

Sony SXRD projector

The SXRD, which many movie theaters now use, employs 4K technology to produce more than four times the pixels of standard HD projection. This makes it the first projector on the market to achieve 8.8 million pixel resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels), for truly astounding picture quality. The SXRD also is able to shoot those amazing images onto screens up to 40 feet wide.

Sony projector room

Sony Projector screen 2

Speaking of screens, to fully enjoy such a magnificent picture, you will need a high-quality surface to display it on, such as this 207-inch Grayhawk LS screen from Stewart Filmscreen Corporation (see above). Just so you know, the SXRD projector with optional lenses will set you back a cool $125,000, while the Grayhawk screen tacks on approximately $13,000 to the total. Now, just check your house to make sure you have a really big room, and you’ll be all set.     by Graham W.



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